Izhar Neumann
Studied paper making in the Visual Art Center in Beer-Sheva , Israel in 1982-4 , and with master paper-makers Inoue Genji and Yasuo Kobayashi in Japan in 1984-6. Established Tut Neyar Paper Mill in Zichron Ya’akov  where he was making paper and teaching for the last 25 years. He has extended  the art of papermaking to include an entire range of functional and art products using the handmade papers, and has developed his own style in paper art.  Has participated in various group exhibitions and has been invited as a guest artist to Spain (at Capellades hystorical paper mill ), Czech republic (at Papirea paper mill ) and the US (
 Margaret's studio  , Peter Thomas  ,etc)                                                          

Moved in 2012 to Western Galilee and established a new paper mill in the Druze village Jat Haglilit.

At the present focusing on paper for the arts- calligraphy, etching, water color, woodblock printing and the like. Collaborates with artists and printing workshops in Israel and abroad

Also Involved in experimental papers from strange fibers such as algae and waste-fibers from water-purifying systems. 

for Japanese papermaking national treasure see the film from Shimane, Japan  




Quality fibers in one of my main concerns

where possible I grow my own fibers such as the kozo (paper Mulberry) field you can see in the picture that provides me with all my annual supply for "Japanese " style paper.

"good paper starts in the field" as my Japanese teacher told me.Organically grown with utmost care through all steps ,results in fresh ,long ,strong and flexible fibers.











Washi -Japanese style paper, made in Israel

"Washi" literally means Japanese paper. Also known as "rice paper", it is actually made from the bast fiber of several plants, mainly "Kozo" ( Paper-Mulberry) grown for centuries in Japan and elsewhere, known for its quality fibers that result in high-quality papers.

For more than 30 years I have been growing my own Kozo plants, originally brought from the village of Kadoide in the snowy province of Niigata .

I harvest the young branches every winter, peel off the bark, scrape away the outer bark, thus remaining with the silky long light-color fibers which will become paper in many tedious steps.  The annual yield of ‘white’ bark ( shirokawa* )  is not high and is used exclusively for restoration and art paper, while the green and black bark ( aokawa and kurokawa* ) are used for workshops and paper products (lampshades, bowls, screens, etc).

Neutral PH water is used for all the steps to follow – soaking, cooking ( 20% sodium carbonate ), washing, and making the paper.

Nagashizuki style papermaking is done using a fine bamboo screen (su*, woven by hand by Ito san). All papers are air-dried on boards ( itaboshi* ) indoors or outdoors (hence the difference in hues, as lighter papers were sun-bleached). No chemicals are used for bleaching. If white paper is desired , hydrogen peroxide (H2O) bleaching is done.

Papers are selected and packed.

I make 4 different weights,
all measuring 52x79 cm.

Weights indicated are an approximation.

  • 60-70 g/m  -$12

  • 35-40 g/m - $9.5

  • 20-25 g/m - $8.5

  • 12-15 g/m    -$7

 vat (applied in Israel only) is not included. 

20 sheets of the same weight (or more)  -10% off

* terms in Japanese

New !!

A4 size paper for conservation

super light , super transparent

weighs only 3-4 g/m


   ניירות לציור,הדפס,קליגרפיה,רסטורציה ותחריט

  הניירות מיוצרים בסטודיו בג'ת ,במיגוון גדלים,עוביים, טקסטורות וגוונים.

  הניירות מתאימים לסוגי הדפס שונים - תחריט,הדפס עץ,הדפס משי ; 

  וכן לדפוס במכונה-דפוס בלט ואופסט ,דפוס דיגיטלי ו- UV  

   ציור בדיו,צבעי מים ואקריליק. רמות ספיגה שונות.

   קליגרפיה במכחול ובצפורן בסגנון יפני (shodo,sumi-e) ובסגנון מערבי ( גם כתובות)

   ניירות לשימור ושיחזור במגוון עוביים וטקסטורות ,כולל סימני מים וסימני רשת

   ניתן להזמין ניירות בגדלים לא סטנדרטיים ( 140X190,100X200 וכו')

   מבחר ניירות במלאי למכירה  בסטודיו. . אין מינימום להזמנה . אפשר לשלוח בדאר


"a day in a life of a papermaker"

kozo papermaking from start to end

New !
Papers for woodblock printing , heavy (60 g/m) ,
internally sized ,ready for use !
fibers-kozo & abaca, warm tone .
only $7.5 per sheet (52x79 cm)
visit Richard Steiner's page (Kyoto based woodblock artist ) for recommendation
Western style paper for artists

In recent years I have enjoyed collaboration with local print makers who are using various traditional and innovative printing  techniques.  My aim is to work directly with print makers and to meet specific requirements such as thickness, absorbency, colour and texture.

I use a range of fibers such as kozo, cotton, flax, hemp and abaca. All papers are acid-free, deckle-edged, and internally sized  which controls absorption and enables  dampening the papers prior to printing. Papers are made using traditional laid moulds (from bamboo and wire) and woven moulds. Water marks of any design can be applied..


I use a variety of traditional and new moulds in different sizes

I also use a casting technique that enables to make large sheets of up to 1x2 meters!




        link to works of wood-block artist Orit Hofshi ,who uses for her big instelations,

        my 1x2 meters paper with her water mark    www.orithofshi.com






wood block artist Daniel Heyman  lately comissioned large size paper ,35"x55" for a series of woodblock prints, for which I made a new screen and formed the sheets with a new blend of fibers ,including flax fibers. the prints were printed at Sundog Press, University of North Dakota,USA. " The paper is splendid, it is wonderfully thick and has a real presence in the work. Everyone I am working with also thinks it is terrific.We printed each sheet 4 times, a total of 6 colors, but I am sure that paper would have held up for 20 printings or more. It didn't wear down at all."













please watch this film to see the last traditional paper mill in England


a new project of a watermarked paper .

 the watermark in brass sewn on the papermaking screen

prints by Daniel
works of orit in zemak gallery,tel-aviv

artist Gabreiall Boros who is printing a series of woodblock prints on custom made paper -

  "Delicious! Really even and wonderful surface. Absorbs the ink beautifully!"

special custom-made paper

Artist Peter Jacob Maltz, commissioned special size ,heavy weight paper for his exhibition "Open a Gate" held in the Jerusalem Artist's House in summer 2017.     Peter, who uses a lot of energy in drawing with his home-made huge graphite chunks, challenged me. I casted each of the 90x200 cm,  400g/m sheets on a big screen , used a vacuum-cleaner to suck out water and ran a fan on max' for 3 days to get them dry !

From the catalogue- "The vertical position and the use of graphite continue in a series of elongated drawings on paper...in which the raw materiality of the grainy paper surface is emphasized.." (text by Malachi Sgan-Cohen)  

view more works in his website 



Artist Sion McCormick from Kibbutz Shamir has ordered my big

and heavy paper for her special paintings. 

please visit her site for more information

מהתערוכה. צילום צור קוצר
"פתח" 90X200,גרפיט וצבע שמן על נייר 
צילום- פיטר יעקב מלץ

Pastel painting by Sion McCormick 1x2 meter

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