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paper making with izhar neumann

workshops for paper making is held in my studio upon request.

Please contact for more information

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Yizhar, from the "Strawberry Paper" workshop, moved to the Western Galilee region and opened a studio in Jat HaGlilit (near Klil). In the workshop, Yizhar produces special papers for artists, and also teaches how to produce paper from the bark of the "strawberry" tree that grows in the orchard in general. This is a traditional art that originated in Japan, and makes it possible to make creative paper at any age._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

kozo beating by children
paper making workshop
under the old oak in Jat haglilit
Demonstration of paper making

Paper is a basic product in our lives and today most of it is made in large factories by industrialized methods.

In the demonstration, we will get a historical background on the invention of paper from the Egyptian papyrus through parchment and the Chinese "rice" paper to modern industrial paper.

Then I will demonstrate the traditional process of paper-making in all its steps and show samples of different techniques and artworks made with my paper.

Cost 350 NIS per group. Duration -about  45-60  minutes

For groups of up to 15 participants, of all ages.



Birthdays and social events

The joint creative activity of all ages creates enjoyment and great joy.

After some explanations, we will create together a large sheet that

can be combined with flower petals, photos, greetings,

decorations and more.

after the paper dries you will get a spectacular mural that will remain

as a keepsake for this event.

Cost 750 NIS per family or group. Duration  - about two hours







Paper Making workshop

In the workshop, we will learn to make paper from the bark of the Mulberry tree.

The activity includes all the steps of preparing the paper from beating the bark with wooden mallets, filtering the fibers from the water, pressing the wet sheets and drying them in the sun.

During the winter months, we will also get a chance to peel the steamed mulberry branches that are harvested every year.

We will learn to add flower petals and leaves to the papers, and after drying, each participant will receive the papers he has made.

Cost - 350 NIS for a group of up to 5 participants. Each additional participant - 50 NIS. Duration of the workshop - about an hour and a half

 Children from age 4, families and groups up to 15 participants are welcome.





Tours in the village

The Galilee village of Jat is a traditional Druze village with a long history. We will tour the core of the village with its alleys and the largest holy oak of its kind in the country!

You can combine hospitality with a Druze family and get an explanation of the traditional lifestyle, spiced with a light meal or a visit with an explanation of the special herbs of the area at Rasha's.

In the case of a large group, it is advisable to divide the group and do an activity and tour at the same time


Hiking in the Jat area

Jat sits on a hill and is surrounded by valleys. I have planned some special routes that start or end in Jat.

  Down Nahal Yanuh to Jat - an adventurous walk in a tangled wadi, shaded with mufflers. The trip lasts about an hour and a half. From the age of 7

  Down Nahal Gita - a leisurely walk from Jat to Klil among ancient olive groves. The trip lasts about two and a half hours. For all ages

Nahal Beit HaEmek and Ein Magnona - a round trip with spectacular views. Descent to Nahal Beit HaEmek Canyon, visit the "mad" spring (active only in winter) climb the Gita Cliffs, and back to Jat. The trip lasts about three hours. For good hikers. The trip can be shortened by

 a car waiting down the valley.


Tour guides came to visit me for a demonstration and a workshop. To the video



To coordinate activities and reservations please call Izhar Neumann

For arrival, write in "WAZE  " Yizhar's paper workshop "

    A joint workshop for making paper and painting SUMIE with Tal from Kokshi Studio

In the last weekend of June 2018, we held a special workshop in the picturesque village of Zdislava in the northern Czech Republic.

We were hosted by Michal and Slavka from the Rucni-Papirna  paper workshop

On the first day, we made papers in the Japanese method from the bark of the Paper Mulberry, added with colored fibers.

On the second day, the participants practiced writing Japanese characters with a brush and ink and then went on to paint bamboo. At the end of the process, they drew on one of the papers they have made, and let them dry.

Each participant also made a stamp with his name carved in Japanese, which he stamped in red ink on the drawing.

The workshop was very successful. A similar workshop can be booked in Israel as well!

In the first part, we will make special papers (round, transparent, with stencils, etc.) and then we will practice calligraphy and Japanese ink drawing on simple papers, and finally draw on one of the papers made by us!





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