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Over the years I have had interesting collaborations that have resulted in several artisan books in special editions

"Fresh  off the press"

 a book published by suntup editions

 about Schindler-"Schindler's Ark"

 I was honored to make the broadside with a "Magen David" watermark,

in a numbered edition of 77 copies.

January 2023

SchindlerBroadside (1)_edited.jpg
SchindlerAE_Gallery_0013_Layer 2 (1)_edited.jpg
בקט (2).jpg

i'The first book I took part in is "The Last Tape" -

A short play by Samuel Beckett

with engravings by Avigdor Aricha,

which I was privileged to make the paper for,  while studying at the "uncle Bob paper mill" in Beer Shea

under the guidance of the late Joyce Schmidt

The book was published in 330 copies in Jerusalem

and dedicated to the memory of Dr. Moshe Spitzer

ש שלום.jpg

A book born from a collaboration with my friend Itai Altshuler, A poet, painter, printer, high-tech and therapist, who discovered our shared love for the forgotten poet Shin Shalom,

who was also my great uncle .

The book is in the form of single pages,made  of linen fibers, dyed orange, and accompanied with Itay's prints.

I made the box for the book from balsa wood.

We made only 10 copies that were "adopted" by Uzi Agassi from Even Hoshen Press

Dalia Rabikowitz's book - "Half an hour before the monsoon",

with woodblock prints by Pamela Levy, was published by Even Hoshen Press.

The paper is made of kozo fibers, and the silk cover is sewn using a Japanese method

A special edition of 90 copies signed by the artists

Haiku book מוקטן.jpg

"Mikvah Maim" by Moshe Banovitz.

It was commissioned, printed and bound by Yehuda Miklaf.

The cover is blue dyed cotton paper

The poem - on kozo paper

50 copies

20 classic Japanese Haiku poems translated by late Hadassah Birman,

the calligraphy done by Tirza Paytan. 

Wooden binding by Mo Sela. In two parts

The text was silk printed.

Self-published in 30 copies. (the edition is sold out)

"Accordion" binding that allows each part to be opened and hung on the wall as a scroll

חיים שטנגר (1).jpg

A book of love songs by the lawyer and poet Haim Stenger

"Cherries in the sun" ,with paintings by Talia Lehavi

Printed on thin kozo paper

 Japanese binding, in a blue box

Printed by "Harel" press in 77 copies

Published and signed by the poet

 The last book I published was written, designed and bound by myself 

(with the help of Tal Shimizu) in a family edition, on the eve of my father Joseph Neumann's passing in 2017. The book interweaves the story of his immigration to Israel with his brother, Walter,  together with the Juncus plant, whose properties I later researched as a source of fiber. How does it combine - you are welcome to read...

The cover and an attached page are made of the Juncus  fibers- "Samar" in Hebrew 

סמר  (1)_edited.jpg

A few more books printed on paper I made-

"Song of Songs"

Special edition of 100 copies. The inner page is woven with apple flowers. Calligraphy-David Moss; Zeli Samkhov engravings. Beit Alpha Press

The book "Yona" 

Edition of 70 copies. Calligraphy David Moss, engravings Mordechai Beck.

 Abaca paper. Cover with a fishing net embossing. Beit Alpha press


"Am I Now" by Kwang Tsu.

Miniature book in 70 copies, print and cover - Yehuda Miklaf. Abaca paper. 

I would love more collaborations!!

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