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Over the years I have created different papers for the different types of printing - silk screen , relief , engraving, offset, woodblock and digital printing.
The papers are made according to the nature of the work

and to the desired size.
Some examples of collaborations-


                                                      Papers measuring 1X2 meters for Orit Hofshi

                                                      with her watermark, who creates her images using

                                                      Woodblock , frottage (rubbing)  and  painting


  Woodblock artist Daniel Heyman lately commissioned large-size paper,35"x55"

for a  series of woodblock prints, for which I made a new screen and formed the

sheets with a new blend of fibers, including flax fibers. the prints were printed at

Sundog  Press, University of North Dakota,USA. 

"The paper is splendid,  it is wonderfully thick and has a real presence in the

work. Everyone I am working with also thinks it is terrific. We printed each sheet

4 times 

a total of 6 colors, but I am sure that paper would have held up for 20 printings

or more. It didn't wear down  at all"                                     






                                                                        artist Gabreiall Boros who is printing a series of woodblock prints on custom                                                                            made paper -

                                                                        "Delicious! Really even and wonderful surface. Absorbs the ink beautifully!"

אורית חופשי.png
printed image on my paper 35x55 inches.jpg
Gabriela Boros.jpg
Gabriella Boros.jpg
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